Consulting Services

Unlock the Power of Your Data with Velocity HCM

Your Recruitment Technology platforms capture vast amounts of valuable data. By harnessing that data, you can gain a significant edge over your competition.  We stand ready to guide you on an illuminating journey into the realm of data-driven recruitment. With our expertise in Reporting, we’ll help you unlock the potential within your Talent Acquisition data and transform it into actionable insights. Whether you need to build ad hoc reports to address short-term concerns, build scheduled reporting to help improve your practice, or design dashboards, visualizations, and a comprehensive reporting package in your application or external tools like Tableau or Power BI to manage Talent Acquisition at your organization, Velocity HCM can help.

What We Do

Velocity HCM excels in extracting and presenting data from your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in a clear, concise, and meaningful manner. Our consultants will identify key performance indicators, trends, and areas for improvement, helping you make strategic decisions that positively impact your recruitment efforts. Our expert consultants will create custom reports that unveil the story hidden within your recruitment data. Using your ATS reporting tools, Excel, and other tools we will extract your data, convert it into easy to digest reports, and ensure that they are easy to maintain and access.

Why Choose Velocity HCM for Reporting Services?

Our proficiency extends to in-depth reporting tailored to the world of talent acquisition. Our consultants have decades of experience in producing, managing, and analyzing data from a wide swath of recruitment platforms. We provide tailored solutions that recognize the uniqueness of each organization, ensuring that the data you receive is both pertinent and actionable. This data-driven approach offers a competitive edge in recruitment, enhancing your talent attraction and retention capabilities. Armed with our data analysis, you’ll make informed, strategic decisions that drive efficiency and effectiveness within your talent acquisition processes. Identifying strengths and weaknesses in your recruitment process will enable you to refine your talent acquisition strategy, rationalize costs, and ensure consistent, top-tier talent acquisition.