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System Audit and Optimization

Are you confident that you’re making the most of your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? At Velocity HCM, we understand that these robust platforms often offer a multitude of features and functionalities that go underutilized. Our ATS experts specialize in conducting deep-dive system audits and checks to ensure that you’re harnessing the full power of your system. We focus not only on the technical configuration of your system but also on examining your recruiter/manager and candidate experiences, enabling you to stand out from your competitors and attract the very best talent.

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What We Do

System Audit

We'll conduct a meticulous review of your ATS to uncover underutilized features and functionalities. We will review your base configuration, forms, workflows, user settings, candidate/recruiter/HR/hiring manager experience; and any other aspect of your system use that you want us to look at. We will then produce a report for you documenting weak spots in your configuration as well as a comparison of your utilization versus others using the same system. Our goal is to ensure that your system is optimized to meet your unique recruitment needs, enhancing your overall efficiency and effectiveness.

System Optmization

Once the results of the system audits are found, our consultants with the knowledge of your recruitment processes will provide customized recommendations for the optimization of your recruitment processes and system. We'll fine-tune your system to streamline your recruitment processes, eliminating bottlenecks and enhancing efficiency. We focus on both the technical aspects and the human experience. A user-friendly ATS not only boosts your recruiter's effectiveness but also elevates the candidate experience. We’ll optimize the interface for your recruiters and managers to ensure they can perform their tasks seamlessly.

Automation Excellence

Velocity will automate tasks and processes, empowering recruiters to focus on strategic recruitment activities. Velocity HCM will transform your Talent Acquisition practice by reducing manual labor and process hand-offs, improving candidate/user experience, and reducing time to hire.

Workflow Optimization

Velocity HCM will streamline your recruitment processes and workflows; from the initial application to final onboarding, we will minimize bottlenecks, fostering enhanced collaboration among recruitment team members and simplify your processes.

User Experience

Velocity HCM will pour over every area of your candidate and user experience, to enhance overall satisfaction. Velocity HCM is your partner in a candidate-centric recruitment process, prioritizing transparency, responsiveness, and satisfaction.

Why Choose Velocity HCM for Your aTS Optimization?

Our team brings decades of collective experience in the realm of recruitment consulting. We’ve encountered and solved a wide range of challenges, making us well-equipped to handle any issues that may arise in your system. We provide tailored, customized solutions designed to meet your unique needs and challenges, rejecting the one-size-fits-all approach for an unparalleled ATS transformation.

Make the most of your ATS investment. Contact us today to learn how our ATS optimization services, backed by decades of ATS experience, can help you transform your recruitment process into a competitive advantage.